Cloud Based Fully Automated Reconnaissance Tool

We reduce the information gathering process with OSINT techniques to minutes.

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SwordEye Features

Fully automated cloud based reconnaissance tool which supplied by both private OSINT techniques and open-source projects.

Easy to Use

See all data that are automatically collected from your inputs with osint techniques by simply entering a domain/ip/email.

Be Notified

Get e-mail notifications about your process.

Domain Recon

See as a single report which collected all data related to the domain such as IP, emails, and subdomains, etc.

Domain, IP, Email and others...

Just select type of recon like Domain, IP, Email and see related wide-range data of your target.

Discover IPs

SwordEye gathers all IPs from certificate transparency logs, reverse/forward DNS and other special techniques which used by hackers.

Web Application

See all mass informations about web applications running on the target such as tracking codes, web components, javascript endpoint urls, CMS versions, screenshots, headers and others...


SwordEye analyzes and verifies all data gathered from multiple sources in order to avoid false-positive data.

Export to CSV, JSON, XML, GEXF

Export all data in a form that you need


Get an HTTP(s) request from Swordeye including a JSON format report when a process is finished.

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About Us

SwordSec founded in 2018 as an R&D company. Its main purpose is to serve security consulting on advanced cyber intelligence services.